Aside of my school courses, I would like to gather a team
and make an ambitious and polished game.


Versus Fighting
Subscribe & Punch is a 2D Versus Fighting Game taking its inspiration on the whacky YouTubers universe.
It’s been two years we started to work on it and we’re seeking to publish the game on Steam for 2019.


Managing and coordinating the whole development between our 10-people multi-cultural team
► Writing Game-Design documents (bible, systems working .. )
► Leading the communication aspect, developing the business with others companies and partners
► Code & Development on various features & interfaces, I’m making the game juicer

 From the development to the marketing perspectives I’m learning a lot from this project.
Making a game as an Indie Developer with polyvalent skills is hard but it makes me
transgress my limits like I’ve done before, which is very exciting.