3 months of work – 4 people work team


Action-Adventure Game
Budding Adventurers is a 2-players cooperative game in which the players embody Clea & Lena (Clena!) are traveling to an imaginary world called Scapia.
With this game, we wanted to create a fun and intimate 2 players exprerience in which they have to interact inside and outside the game to live a unique multiplayer experience.


As a Producer I worked on the various Pitch Decks we sent for Microsoft (Marketing & Audience study, Benchmark, Business Plan…).

As a Game-Designer  I closely worked with Florent  to make an elegant gameplay system. For the demo of the game, we planned what we would have in our 10 first minutes of gameplay.
That’s why I studied 3 cooperative experiences (Brothers, Lara Croft, Alienation…) and I optimized the experience expected depending on challenges they bring to the player.

I was also in charge of the most part of the Storytelling (Background stories, characters, universe etc.).

Finally I was also Programmer on the Unity engine and I handled all the scripting part.