<text> This was the time. I had to pack the bag. [[I had to get the hell out of here.->Slam Door]] <center> <text> I slammed the front door. Fortunately, I wasn't living at my parents house anymore. I could get out of my apartment at any time I wanted. Even at the most dangerous hours. [[Even when you brought a special stupid gift to your friend Yan.->First Steps]] <text> Let's take the tramway road. The perfect way to walk with my best, Karen. She was waiting me at the corner of the street, [[next to the music shop.->Tramway 2]] (set: $love += 1)<text> The door clattered. A few folks in the street looked surprised. They were watching me as I was a beast. Was I really angry? I didn't think so. I was actully peaceful with myself. I was calm. Very calm. [[I was very fucking calm.->Street Directions]]<text> Hmm, to join my goal I had multiple paths. In front of me there was the little alley next to Antoine's restaurant, sometimes strange things appear there. There was also the long road with the tramway, just at my left. This place was secured by a police station midway and it was enlightened all along the way. And there was the road at my right. I didn't know this path very well. What path should I take? [[<img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowUp.png"->Alley 1]] [[<img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowLeft.png"->Tramway 1]][[<img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowRight.png"->Road 1]] <text> So, I was walking along the little alley. It was pretty dark here. I could see some lights behind a window, which was enlightening the garage owner 30 yards in front of me. [[I had to go forward.->Alley 2]] (set: $love += 1)<text> Guess what? I passed in front of that window, the one which was dominating the alley, and I saw Karen. The gorgeous Karen. I saw her surprised, and [[she quickly turned around looking for the exit.->Alley 3]]<text> Karen was waiting for me at the left corner of the end-alley. She was staring at me, with her pretty little hands grabbing the wall. I pretended that she wasn't really there. [[Of course she stopped me.->Alley 4]]<text> <i><karen>Hey you! Where are you going like that?</karen></i> [[Can't. Talk. Now.->Alley 5]]<text> She suddenly taped my right shoulder, and she was really close to me. I liked her smile, and how her freckles showed up when she was blushing. At this moment, she was a problem, and I had 2 ways to try to avoid this harpy. What was the best solution to escape? She regularly took the tramway road at my left but the right path had an unhealthy attendance. [[<img style="margin: 0px 25px" src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowLeft.png" ->Alley to Tram]] [[<img style="margin: 0px 25px" src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowRight.png" ->Square South 1]]<text> Air Guitar surely wasn't the most secure place in the whole city. But at least neither our conspiracy-movement, nor the dealers would bother students like me. [[From my position, I could see Karen.->Tramway 3]]<text> So, here she was. The gorgeous Karen. Why was she here? Didn't she has to see another boy? Who was I for her? I didn't ask anything. I just had to deliver my gift. It wasn't very far and I didn't need her to be with me. [[But there was nothing to do: she stayed.->Tramway 4]]<karen> <i>Hey! What's up? I missed you so much!</karen></i> <text>Did I really miss Karen? Yes. (click-replace: "Yes")[No.] (click-replace: "No")[Yes I missed her. With her pretty little hands. And how her freckles show up when she was blushing. [[She was like any girl I could meet in the city.->Tramway 5]]] <text> She wasn't worth anything. She wasn't the special one that I was not looking for at all. I could find lots of girls like her. I didn't know if she understood me but, but... but she took my hand like that night when we had dinner. [[When it ended awkwardly.->Tramway 6]]<text><i><p style="font-size:35px">SHUT UP!</p></i> There suddenly were very loud noises, sounding like a table hardly reversed on the floor. There was no worry with that, though. It was just the opened window from the 4th floor of the big police station. The room had to be very hot during their interogatory. Couldn't they buy air-conditionners these corrupted cops? Oh! Good news. There was a little dark path to the right, I could escape Karen by going through this way. Should I take it? [[<img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowUp.png"->Tramway 7]] <img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowEmpty.png">[[<img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowRight.png"->Square South 1]] </text> <text> You want to know more about Karen? Well, Karen didn't give a fuck about what could happen in this city. She was like that. [[Fearless.->Tramway 8]] (set: $love += 1)<i><karen>You're interested in me but you can't admit it? Why?</karen></i> <text><i>I'm not interested in you. You ain't my girlfriend. You're just like the others. Let me work.</i> [[I don't need you.->Tramway 9]] <text> <center>MIND NIGHT <a href="http://tomkurcz.com" target="_blank">By Tom Kurcz</a> Music Theme by <a href="https://soundcloud.com/lopodyr" target="_blank"> <img src="http://tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/Lopodyr.png" width="26%" height="26%"></a> [[Start->Intro]] (set: $love = 0) (set: $society = 0) (set: $friend = 0)<i><karen> But you need love. Everyone needs love!</karen></i> <i><text>I don't need anything. I'm just myself. [[Let me do my work.->Tramway 10]]</i><i><karen> Love makes people happy. You need to be happy.</karen> [[I'm happy with myself actually.->Tramway 11]]<karen> <i>No you're not.</karen> [[Yes I am.->Tramway 12]]<text> <i>Karen, just. Get out. Get out of here. I don't want your love, and I especially don't want you.</i> Karen was just looking for some company. She hated to be alone. [[But was I really conscious of what I was doing?->Tramway 13]] <text> I left the tramway road to join the street at my right. I saw a light. It was aiming at my position. I stared at it while it was literally absorbing Karen. I understood. [[It was going bad.->Square North 1]] <text> I was feeling the light in my face like the light of an helicopter which was flying over the place and had finally found me. I was already imagining the next press title of the Nuu Valenciennes Times "The student killer who was escaping the moron world has been arrested." A few seconds passed when the [[light went away.->Square North 2]] (set: $society += 1)<text> And I saw something. Well, it was more like somebody. Somebody very flashy. In fact, it was a hood. A blue hood. [[A blue hood?->Square North 3]]<text> I wasn't afraid. What I was looking for, was to go forward. So, I went forward. And, at this moment I saw [[an extraordinary thing.->Square North 4]]<text> There were four heads. Four hooded heads. Each one had a different color. They were Yellow, Pink, Blue and Green. That was fascinating. And of course, [[scary.->Square North 5]]<text> I couldn't see what the four hooded men were doing. Darn how the beautiful side of our city could exchange its beauty of colors with the dirt of the gangsters? [[How?->Square North 6]]<text> Whatever, I had to go forward. I walked along the wall which was separating the road and the parking where the Four hooded men were making things. [[I finally could have a view on Waves Street, it was ten yards in front of me.->Waves Street 1]]<text> I was nearly arrived at my destination when I was reliving lots of memories. [[My gift was still waiting for Yan.->Waves Street 2]] (set: $friend += 1)<text> I got to know Yan for several years now, he was my friend indeed. Well, that was what I made him believe. [[There was something dark in him.->Waves Street 3]]<text> <i><div style="font-size:25px">HA HA HA!!!</div></i> Who were these four men? [[Were they joking at me ?->Waves Street 4]]<text> I continued to walk, just straight forward. But the laughs never stopped. It became louder and louder, laugh after laugh. [[Like that famous day at the company.->Waves Stret 5]]<text> We had to present our project to some commercial company. It went well! I would even say, very well. [[But the worst dross arrive when you think that everything is going well for you.->Waves Street 6]]<text> There are some things that you would never lose. That does not concern your family, your friends, your girlfriend or any of your physical properties. It is just your work, and the passion you give to it. [[Your personal art.->Final 1]] <text><i><p style="font-size:35px">Watch out where you walk, asshole!</i></p> I talked and I talked, and I was losing myself in my thoughs. But hey, I was finally arrived at my destination. [[It was time.->Final 2]]<text> I didn't forget every moment we shared in his apartment. Lots of days of hardwork. 23 Myns Street, that was it. [[I rang at the door.-> Final 3]]<yan> <i>Hey... Joel? How are... Why are you outside my place at 3.00 in the morning?</yan></i> <text>[[That was quite an interesting question.->Final 4]]<text> <i>Hey Yan. I was just passing by here when I thought to give you back the ID card you forgot at school. [[You're leaving the country tomorrow so...->Final 5]]<text> And that's when they came back to my mind. Karen, the City, and Yan of course. (if: $love >= 2 or $society >=2 or $friend >=2)[[[They couldn't make me suffer anymore.->Ending Bad 1]]] (else:)[[[They hadn't success to make me crazy.->Ending Good 1]]]<text> I had been preparing this moment for a few days. I was confident that I could complete my mission. [[I was confident that I would kill Yan for ever.->Ending Bad 2]]<yan> <i>What..What is that!? Wait a little Joel, you..you don't need to do that, I'm sorry okay?! [[Don't kill me!->Ending Bad 3]]<text> It was too late. I shot him down. Right in the face. The blood tide all over the tight apartment entrance looked like a tsunami moving to my direction. I had two choices. [[I could Stay and accept my sentence.->Ending Bad_1]] [[Or I could leave the place, to live peacefully for ever.->Ending Bad_2]]<text> I had been preparing this moment for a few days. But I couldn't complete my mission now. What was the point to do that? [[I couldn't kill Yan.->Ending Good 2]]<yan><i>Hum...So. You keep me waiting around for nothing?</yan></i> <text>[[No.->Ending Good 3]] <text> <i><div style="font-size:28px">Yan, you make me mad. I never want to see you again. [[Leave me alone!->Ending Good 4]]<text> At the end, I went back to my home. Far away from all of this madness. I'll continue on my way, without caring a shit about toxic people. [[I hate mind nights, but I guess they sometimes save my life.->MIND NIGHT]]<text> When the waves brought me in their torrent of tears and sadness, I slowly put the gun on my face. I didn't have the time to hear my special bullet. [[That was probably the happy ending that I had always needed.->MIND NIGHT]]<text> I had the time to run and hide in the city but cops just came quickly and they found me. [[Every revenge ends badly in someways. I had fucked my life for the rest of my days.->MIND NIGHT]]<text> .... She could see me with all of these lights. [[She was still following me.->Tramway 7]] <text> I was joining what I used to call the "Square". [[The iconic place of the city.->Square South 2]] (set: $society += 1)<text> On a side, there were the junkies, and on the other side, the foodies. The first was fighting for his own survive because of course he's a human like anyone. The other was jailed in his desire to get fun. [[Was that understandable?->Square South 3]] <text> I was looking at the parking at my left. There were lots of vehicles but, I saw two guys closing a car trunk. They were transporting a...large package box full of biscuits. [[They scared me.->Square South 4]]<text> They were joining two others hooded men. The four reunited were forming quite a band. A multi-colored hoods band. I could wait them to cross the East entrance of the Square and follow their movement. Or I could quickly make a sprint to join Waves Street without care of it, but that street reminds me Yan a lot. [[<img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowUp.png"->Waves Street 1]] <img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowEmpty.png">[[<img src="http://www.tomkurcz.com/Perso/MINDNIGHT/ArrowRight.png"->Square East 1]] <text> This was the perfect place to meet the dozen of dealers who just hang out here. [[They were nice, I can assure you.->Road 2]] (set: $friend += 1)<text> Strangely, they weren't present yet. That had let me deep in thought, which was perfect to imagine my speech for Yan when I would arrive at his apartment. [[I had to be mad.->Road 3]] <text> <i>Hey, Yan! I have a little surprise for you. Why don't you say hello to my little friend?</i> [[No, that wasn't good.->Road 4]]<text> <i>Hey Yan! Do you recognize me? I'm the motherfucking pal you treated like a dog!</i> [[Too much...->Road 5]]<text> <i>Hey Yan! Listen. I've needed a friend, and so have you. But it ain't the same situation anymore now. To thank you for all of your bullshit, I have a gift for you.</i> [[Yeah, that one was pretty cool.->Avenue 1]]<text> And here she was. The gorgeous Karen. A few steps in this enlightened avenue and she appeared. [[I was tired of her.->Avenue 2]] (set: $love += 1)<karen> <i>Hey Joel! Don't you want to say hello to me?</karen> <text>[[No, get away please.->Avenue 3]]</i> <karen> <i>I... really didn't want things to turn up like this! You're so cute Joel. I'm strongly attached to you.</karen></i> <i>[[Bla. Bla. Bla.->Avenue 4]]</i><text> <i>Hey Karen... Just, listen. I've lost too much time with you. You mean nothing for me. [[You should be sorry for what you did to me.->Avenue 5]]</i><text> I suddenly saw strange flashy colors. I had to be closer to see those ones, it seemed to be [[incredible.->Square South 4]]<text> I hid myself behind a wall. From now I couldn't show my head, and if they saw me, I was kinda a dead man. [[I heard them going forward in the street, I started to follow their steps.->Square East 2]] (set: $society += 1)<text> At a moment, they stopped walking. I stopped too, and I was finally close enough to them to hear their discussion. [[Well, I thought that it was the case.->Square East 3]]<text> Their words were only buzzing in my ears. My ears just decided to have strong tinnitus, at this special moment. [[You can be sure, tinnitus are the worst things in the universe.->Square East 4]]<text> I had to turn my head back to see what they were doing. And they were gone. At this moment I didn't realized but I was panicked. [[What if they heard me?->Square East 5]]<text> I had to quickly run after my destination. I joined the end of the alley. [[I knew that I was really close to arrive.->Final 1]]