Tom Kurcz

Game Producer & Designer

Hi there!
I’m a French producer assistant working at Ubisoft Montpellier.

Adaptable and eager to learn, I’m looking for learning from others
and sharing knowledge with passionate teams. With my various proficiencies
(management, game design, narrative, code) I help my team to achieve its full potential.

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Tom Kurcz

Game Producer & Designer

Hi there!
I am a French graduating producer student from Supinfogame Rubika looking for a 6-month internship or a job starting July 2019.

Adaptable and eager to learn, I am a student looking for learning from others and sharing knowledge with passionate teams. With my various proficiencies (game design, narrative, code) I help my team to achieve its full potential.
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(2018, 4 Months) – HAVEN (The Game Bakers) (Unity)


Adventure RPG, Solo & Cooperative 2 Players


Haven is an Adventure RPG about everyday love, rebelling against the rules and also, food. The player embodies two lovers who escaped to a lost planet. The only thing that matters to them is to stay together. The game is playable solo, or with a special someone.

My role

The game is made by the developers of the successful title Furi and I had the chance to work on it as a versatile Game Designer. I learnt a lot on workflow processes and on the elaboration of a creative game vision.

Prototypes by using the mechanics and the level design elements in the game with a gut-feeling approach
► Various Game Design and sign & feedback reviews
Elaboration of documents with sheets and slides for various fields (localization, test plan, design…)
Distribution of level Design elements through the levels, finding a pace between the existing maps in the game
Team follow-up all along the internship

(2018 – 2019) – FABLE FOR TWO  (Unreal Engine 4)


Action-Adventure, Cooperative 2 Players


Fable for Two is a 2-player cooperative action-adventure game inspired by the world of fables and fairytales.
Both players embody storytellers singing with a raven to go across a magical forest.

My role

► Task monitoring with JIRA software
► Setting up production documents and management processes
Coordinating and scheduling milestones
Follow-up of features and content to produce
► Supporting the team and organizing daily & weekly meetings
Designing the Coooperative systems 
► Helping on the integration of the gameplay and narrative assets in Unreal Engine 4
► Supporting the design of the narrative structure and the gameplay systems

(2015-2018, 2+ Years) – SUBSCRIBE & PUNCH!    (Unity)


Versus Fighting


Subscribe & Punch! is an easy to play versus fighting game based on the wacky YouTubers universe. The player will roast the face of his opponents and experiment various humorous interactions inside with YouFight: the virtual platform hosting the craziest fights!

My role

► Managed and coordinated the development between our 10-people multi-cultural team

Development of various features & interfaces, I made the game juicer

► Design of the combat systems and the game experience

► Edited video trailers, managed communication & marketing

Business development with companies (presenting pitch decks to publishers that contacted us, organizing cross-overs…)

(2016–2017, 8 Months) – BUDDING ADVENTURERS   (Unity)


Action-Adventure, Cooperative 2 Players


The game takes place in a world called Scapia, a mix between the creativity and the reality of two little sisters. With this game, the players will discover a fun and intimate 2 players cooperative experience in which they will interact inside and outside the game.

My role

► Made pitch decks for Microsoft (Marketing & Audience study, Benchmark, Business Plan…)

► Storytelling (Background stories, characters, universe etc.).

► Code & Development on various features & interfaces, I am making the game juicer

(2018, 3 Days) – BURN OUT  (Unity)


Narrative Game


You are entering college. You left the comfort of high school and became a grown-up, with all the responsibilities that come with it. Your main focus is to validate your first year, but to do so, you’ll need to make some sacrifices and work hard. Don’t forget to breathe from time to time though, no one is safe from burnouts.

My role

► Designed the concept of the game and the narrative intentions

► Programmed the narrative structure

► Made the visual effects

(2016, 4 Months) – CLOUD ERA  (Unreal Engine 4)


First Person Puzzle


The player plays a liquidator sent to Generosity, a devastated spatial station surrounded by a dome. He has to use an experimental cloud device to succeed his mission and to solve the puzzles.

My role

► General Programming: 3C, UMG UI, Level design elements…

Tech design: I was a coordination point between designers/artists and the engine to ensure the right integration of the assets

Setting up of Perforce for Source Control